We all know about the power of Internet and its importance in our day-to-day life. We are also aware of the rising expenses and the paradigm shift in the cost of living. Here are some easy and innovative methods that can help you generate passive income.


• Online surveys – They are many companies that are looking for people who can take up their survey. For each survey they take, the company gives them some money.

• Freelancing – If you read and write, then this is a perfect job for you. These time-bound jobs are perfect for people who can earn a fixed pay for jobs like article writing, content writing or business writing. This is one of the most popular online jobs currently.

• Blogging – If you want to express your own thoughts rather than writing for someone else, then blogging is an option for you. You can create your own blog on some popular blogging site and start writing about some niche. The only hiccup associated with this job is that it does not convert into instant revenue. It takes time for web users to know about your blog and only after that can you start embedding ads from different firms.

• Buy and Sell Online – If you have stuff that are not useful to you anymore though they are not so old, then you can play to auction them on popular sites like eBay and Craigslist. This is a quick earning option for you.

• Online teaching – For those that have command over some subjects, then can take up this online job that gives you pretty decent returns in terms of remuneration. You teach someone online with the aid of software and webcam and get paid for these tuition classes.

• Selling Information– Despite the information explosion, worthwhile and reliable information is scarce product. If you do have something that others can utilize for their betterment, it would surely sell, provided you price it reasonably.

• YouTube pays – Place videos on YouTube that can generate maximum hits and start building a history. Once you have done a considerable startup job, you can ask for an association with YouTube. Once they verify your history, then you are aboard and start getting paid for each hit you get.

• Affiliate marketing– For the people who have either a blog or a website, affiliate marketing proves to be a good source of income. You can promote certain services or products on your website, and you will be paid for it. Though, it will be better to choose the product relative to your website.

• Cross Promotion – This is very common, especially on the internet. Supposing you have a decent readership on the blog that you write and you get an offer to get revenue for letting some ads find space. Every time readers and visitors to your site click on these ads you get paid.

• Photographing and Video Graphing– If you like doing photography in your free time, you can consider working as a freelancer for media companies. You can also sell your photos to art galleries and museums online.

Generating passive income is often a convenient way to adding to the family kitty and at the same time giving a platform to pursuing some latent talent.

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