Last year Facebook launched Live for some prominent public figures and celebrities. Now that the test drive is over, Live is gradually opening up for Facebook pages. Before soon, every Facebook page will be able to use Live.

So, before it becomes available for you, start preparing. You can use Live to interact with your customers in a more personal manner. Why not integrate Live in your social media marketing campaign and make the most of it? Here are a few ways to increase your customer base and to make your customers loyal to your product using Live.

Make Your Product More Desirable

With Live, you can stream in real time and reach out to your customers. This makes for a more interactive and real experience. And for businesses operating online, this can be a crucial point in gaining customers. Online businesses started out as low capital businesses that helped customers purchase while staying at home. Then there came an era of online marketing. We are past that now. Today, we have entered an online market which runs by attracting its customers and making them love them instead of the competitors. So, go ahead and make your customers desire your products more by speaking to them live.

Focus on a the More Profitable Target Market

Like every other business, yours must have a core group. These are the people that use your products the most and ultimately are responsible for a large chunk of profit. These are the customers who are active. The core customers are those who help you succeed in your marketing campaign. They are your brand ambassadors. Through Live, you can focus on these special and valuable customers. Narrow down your customer list and focus on the folks that get everyone else excited. And the best part is, your customers don’t need to install special apps to listen to your streaming. The video lands directly in their newsfeed.

Make Your Customers Feel for You

According to Facebook analysis, customers tend to spend three times more and comment ten times more when they listen to Live video than when they listen to a pre-recorded one. This is quite natural because when you something happening live, with no edits, or breaks, you trust the content more.
Use the stats and make a perfect strategy for your social media marketing campaign. Plan a series of videos and interact with your customers live. Let your customers feel special and let them feel for you. It is not only about gaining more profit or creating a bigger customer base. It is about creating a loyal customer base.

Stream Live and let it happen!

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