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I help women start profitable
online businesses so they can replace their
full time income and "Exit" their 9-5.

All of our courses are self-study and on-demand so they can be watched at your convenience.

Our courses teach the training and skills that you need to start a thriving online business. Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or starting another business, you will learn every aspect that you need to be successful. Each course is broken into short, easy to understand videos. No extensive tech skills needed!

I took all of the knowledge that I've learned over the past 7 years about starting a profitable online business, packed it, and put it in the courses below.

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Learn popular online tech

T-Shirts on Demand

A Course About Starting a T-Shirt Brand

Interested in starting your own t-shirt brand online? This course gives you A-Z blueprint on how to start your own T-shirt business without having to print or ship the t-shirts yourself.

Brand A Boutique

Start Your Online Boutique In The Next 48 Hours

No need to spend thousands of dollars upfront to open your boutique, you can get started without spending any money on inventory.

Digital Dollar Blueprint

Package Your Hobbies, Skills, Knowledge, Or Passion and Create an Online Course

There is someone right now at this very moment searching online for information that you have in your head. Why not package that knowledge and sell it!


Selling Printables on Etsy

Printables are one of the easiest types of digital products that you can create

Easy Ebooks

Create short & effective ebooks to sell

3 ways to create ebooks even if you aren't a writer.

Learn popular online tech

The Exclusive Online Community for Female Entrepreneurs

We would love to invite you to our private Rich Girl Collective community. With over 40,000 active entrepreneurial-minded women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the group, we have earned the title as one of the "Top Online Facebook Communities for Female Entrepreneurs". Each week, we have business and marketing training sessions.. and guess what, they are FREE!