1. I’m interested in taking one of Tiffany’s courses but I’m not sure which one I should take any advice?

That depends on your business goal. What I can tell you is that no matter which course you decide to take, it will involve work. Please don’t make your decision on which one you think is the easiest to start. They all require you to do the work if you want results.

  1. Do you offer any returns or a money-back grantee for your training?

Because of the nature of our products, there are absolutely NO returns, credits or refunds. Since all of our products are digital, as soon as you make your payment, the trainings are yours, therefore there are absolutely no returns, credits, or refunds.

  1. I purchased one of Tiffany’s training classes but I don’t have access and/or it’s not on my dashboard, what should I do?

Most of the time when this happens, that means that you accidentally entered the wrong email address when you signed up for a course. Please send an email to support@richgirlcollective.com and we will have to reset it for you. Please be patient, emails are answered in the order that they were received...this process can take 5-7 business days before we can get to you.

  1. If I have specific questions about one of the courses, what should I do?

All of our courses are self-study however we would be glad to answer your questions in our Rich Girl Academy Facebook group.

  1. How can I ask Tiffany my question or get her advice?

Tiffany would love to answer your question however because of the influx of questions that she gets, she can’t possibly get to all of them. This is why we created Rich Girl Academy, Tiffany’s monthly membership. You can post your questions in the academy and get help whenever you need it.

  1. How do I update my credit card information for Rich Girl Academy?

Login to your account using the password you created, then go to your account and update your password.

  1. How can I get phone support?

In an effort to serve Tiffany’s students better, all of our customer service goes through our support email which is support@richgirlcollective.com. We will respond to your email within 3 business days (Not including weekends and holidays).

  1. I signed up for Rich Girl Academy, but haven’t got access to the Facebook group yet.

Please make sure you have answered all 3 questions when requesting to join the FB group. Also, make sure you are using that correct password that was in the email that you received when you signed up. This is NOT your personal password.